Our Workshops

quickStart with R

Data science: EDA, data wrangling, visualization. A flipped online workshop.

Visualization with ggplot2

Introduction to the most widely used visualization package

Mapping with R

sf, leaflet, mapview, and tidycensus packages. Plus ggplot2::geom_sf()

Sentiment Analysis

A case study using library(tidytext) and practice text from library(janeaustenr)

Interactive Dashboards

Interactivity and HTMLWidgets using FlexDashboards

Slides with library(xaringan)

Make reproducible slides via literate coding and R Markdown

Web Scraping with rvest

Scraping and Tidying hierarchical data from the web with rvest and purrr

remote SQL queries with R

Use dplyr verbs to query remote databases e.g. Google BigQuery public databases

Twitter data with rtweet

A workshop to introduce twitter API and tweet analysis.

Version Control, Git/GitHub

Create your portfolio, explore reproducibility, wade into social coding

R Markdown Workshop

Literate coding can generate many formats: HTML, MS Word, PDF, LaTex, ebooks, ...

R case studies

Practical examples of RStudio/Tidyverse. Your interface to reproducible workflows.

Shiny App Development

Develop interactive web apps. Build reactive dashboards and deploy

R Open Labs

Semi-structure lab time to help you learn R and polish your skills

Introduction to R: the data science Tidyverse

R, RStudio, and reproducible workflows

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Workshop video recordings (2021)

Posted 9 Jun 2021

All workshops were recorded and are now available for streaming

Spring 2021 Workshops

Posted 16 Dec 2020

Registration links for our spring 2021 workshops