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Spring 2021 Workshops

Posted 16 Dec 2020

Registration links for our spring 2021 workshops

Spring 2021: case studies

Posted 16 Dec 2020

Learn to apply new skills with these case study workshops

Fall 2019 Rfun Workshops

Posted 30 Aug 2019

Registration links for our fall workshops

Fall 2018 Rfun Review

Posted 11 Dec 2018

Links to all the great resources from the fall workshop series

R Data Sources for Regression Analysis

Posted 19 Oct 2018

Links to Resources for STAT210 by Joel Herndon

Fall 2018 Rfun Workshops

Posted 13 Aug 2018

Registration links for our fall workshops

Introduction to R -- Workshop

Posted 13 Aug 2018

Links to Resources for the intor2R workshop

Visualization in R using ggplot2

Posted 10 Aug 2018

Reproducibility: Version Control, Git, and RStudio

Posted 9 Aug 2018

Resources for git workshop

Winter/Spring 2018 R Workshops: Summary Review

Posted 15 May 2018

A brief recap with resource links for the R workshops presented during the Spring Semester 2018