Spring 2021 Workshops

Posted 16 Dec 2020

Winter/Spring 2021 brings new Rfun workshops. Due to COVID The Center for Data & Visualization Sciences will continue our remote workshop series via Zoom. Please find the registration links below.

If you missed anything last fall, you can find links to past workshop resources including streaming video and shareable code. Beyond Rfun, check out the whole array of CDVS workshop resources. Register and join us.

Title Date Registration
R for data science: getting started, EDA, data wrangling 28_Jan  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7299608
Geospatial data in R: Mapping 01_Feb  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7305910
R for data science: visualization, pivot, join, regression 04_Feb  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7299572
Geospatial data in R: Processing and Analysis 15_Feb  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7305911
Designing a reproducible workflow with R and GitHub 17_Feb  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7301907
R case study: public datasets in Google BigQuery using DBplyr 25_Feb  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7299976
R case study: web scraping 04_Mar  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7300069
Introduction to R (DataFest) 16_Mar  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7300155
Visualization in R using ggplot2 23_Mar  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7336057
R case study: Twitter data 25_Mar  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7300183
Slides with Rmarkdown [Xaringan] (DataFest) 06_Apr  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7300231
R case study: sentiment analysis 15_Apr  https://duke.libcal.com/event/7300289

Full descriptions, links to streaming video, slides, and code for all Rfun workshops can be found at the workshops section of this Rfun site.

New from last fall and reprised for the spring is the Flipped quick-start to R series. The flipped series’ aim is to make remote learning more engaging, less fatiguing. You will watch the introductory video in advance. You control the pace of the thirty-minuted advance video. Optionally watch additional explanatory videos at your discretion. Exercises, referenced within the video, are recommended and at your own pace. The Zoom-workshop will start with an open Question/Answer period; questions that arise from the video(s) and exercises.

Image Credits
Jirka Matousek. ISC Language Teaching Workshop Spring 2012
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Malaysia. Big Data Workshop

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