Workshop video recordings (2021)

Posted 9 Jun 2021

Now streaming: All spring 2021 Rfun workshop videos.

Hundreds of you signed-up and attended our workshops last semester. Now, we are pleased to present the Spring 2021 Rfun workshop series on video. As always, the content for each workshop is available for sharing via CC BY-NC license (i.e. Attribution, Non-Commercial.) We encourage you to share the videos, the data, and the code.

Within the description of each video (and/or often within the video) you’ll find links to the code and data stored on GitHub. Let us know if you have questions.


Title Video Code Repo Guide
quickStart with R: A flipped workshop playlist YouTube playlist GitHub Y
R for data science: getting started, EDA, data wrangling Intro \ dplyr \ full GitHub Y
Geospatial data in R: Mapping Warpwire GitHub Y
R for data science: visualization, pivot, join, regression Viz \ Regress \ full GitHub Y
Geospatial data in R: Processing and Analysis Warpwire box  
Designing a reproducible workflow with R and GitHub Warpwire   Y
R case study: public datasets in Google BigQuery using DBplyr YouTube GitHub Y
R case study: web scraping YouTube GitHub Y
Introduction to R (DataFest) See quickStart links, above
Visualization in R using ggplot2 Warpwire GitHub Y
R case study: Twitter data YouTube GitHub Y
Slides with Rmarkdown [Xaringan] (DataFest) YouTube GitHub Prt1 \ docs
R case study: sentiment analysis YouTube GitHub Y

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