Visualization in R using ggplot2

Posted 10 Aug 2018

Angela Zoss (DVS Staff page) presents a visualization workshop hosted by the Data and Visualization Services Department.

The workshops, officially entitled Visualization in R using ggplot2, is a two-hour, hands-on learning session designed to introduce the ggplot2 package, a programming library within the R programming language. The ggplot2 library for R creates clear and well-designed visualizations that plays well with other tidyverse packages.

Data science skills are increasingly important for research and industry projects. With complex data science projects, however, come complex needs for understanding and communicating analysis processes and results. Ultimately, an analyst’s data science toolbox is incomplete without visualization skills. Incorporating effective visualizations directly into the analysis tool you are using can facilitate quick data exploration, streamline your research process, and improve the reproducibility of your research.

Learning resources and workshop materials are available and shareable. Use the links below to learn at your own pace and at the comfort of your own workspace.

Rfun is a DVS learning series

The 'R We Having Fun Yet?' learning series is part of the broader Data & Visualization Services workshop series. DVS offers workshops on [R], Python, GIS and mapping, Research Data Management, and Visualization.

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The blog features semester summaries of our workshop series and extra bits of information which may assist you in your practical data science journeys.