R case studies

RStudio is an interface that assists your reproducible workflows. Explore how the Tidyverse environment is more than statistics. These hands-on concepts explore practical features of data gathering and data manipulation. Go beyond the rudimentary to expand your ideas of analysis.

In the spring of 2021, we explored the following as case studies…

Web Scraping aka screen scraping with library(rvest)

GitHub Code Repository

Slides with library(xaringan) and R markdown

GitHub Code Repository

Sentiment analysis with library(tidytext)

GitHub Code Repository

Twitter data with library(rtweet)

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Public datasets and BigQuery with library(c("dplyr", "DBI", "bigrquery"))

aka using dplyr verbs to query remote SQL databases

GitHub Code Repository

Image Credits Jinho Jung

Rfun is a DVS learning series

The 'R We Having Fun Yet?' learning series is part of the broader Data & Visualization Services workshop series. DVS offers workshops on [R], Python, GIS and mapping, Research Data Management, and Visualization.

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The blog features semester summaries of our workshop series and extra bits of information which may assist you in your practical data science journeys.