Version Control, Git/GitHub

Version control enables single authors or group collaborators to create and share project timelines, transparently tell the story of a project, manage collaboration, experiment with alternative options, and create back-up repositories. Git is one of the dominant, open-source, version control applications. GitHub is social coding and project cloud tool fed by a git remote.

Setting up git with RStudio via library(usethis) – 3 minute video

Workshop recording: Designing a reproducible workflow with R and GitHub

Designing a Reproducible Workflow with R and GitHub

Version Control & Git

In this hands-on workshop you will discover how to harness Git to support the execution of more reproducible research projects. Git is a powerful version control system.

GitHub: Portfolios & Social Coding

GitHub is a social coding platform Built upon the Git (version control) application these tools make social coding and code sharing more accessible. Learn how to Use RStudio and the usethis package to leverage version conrol with git & GitHub.

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The 'R We Having Fun Yet?' learning series is part of the broader Data & Visualization Services workshop series. DVS offers workshops on [R], Python, GIS and mapping, Research Data Management, and Visualization.

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