Version Control, Git/GitHub

In response to a growing focus on the importance of reproducibility, replication, and transparency in the research endeavor, scholars are adapting their practices and learning new skills and tools. DVS is offering a workshop series that will introduce the concepts, practices and tools that will help increase the reproducibility of your work.

Version Control & Git

In this hands-on workshop you will discover how to harness Git via RStudio to support the execution of more reproducible research projects. Git is a powerful version control system. RStudio is an open-source data science platform/ecosystem supporting reproducible analysis and report generation.

GitHub: Portfolios & Social Coding

GitHub and GitLab are social coding platforms which enable collaboration. Built upon the Git (version control) framework these tools make social coding and code sharing more accessible. Learn how to create branches, create remote repositories, leverage the GitHub/GitLab interface for simpler “reverts”, and collaborate with others.


Intro to R. All attendees are expected to be basically familiar with the R Studio environment.

Note – Bring Your Laptop

To fully participate in this workshop, please bring your own laptop. This workshop focuses on the practical aspects of configuring RStudio with Git. A later git workshop will also use RStudio and Git to teach more advanced git features and social coding with GitHub/GitLab.


Workshop Materials

Learning resources and workshop materials are available and shareable so you can learn at your own pace.

Rfun is a DVS learning series

The 'R We Having Fun Yet?' learning series is part of the broader Data & Visualization Services workshop series. DVS offers workshops on [R], Python, GIS and mapping, Research Data Management, and Visualization.

Rfun Blog

The blog features semester summaries of our workshop series and extra bits of information which may assist you in your practical data science journeys.