Intro to R/Tidyverse

To the Tidyverse, and Beyond…

A gentle introduction to R and the Tidyverse using RStudio. This two-hour, hands-on session introduces data wrangling, data types, variable assignments, and packages. Our focus will be the Tidyverse, specifically the dplyr and ggvis packages. Tidyverse, is an approachable set of consistent data science tools enabling the R statistical programming language.

For visualization we introduce ggplot2. We may also introducesf (mapping/GIS) as time allows. Both ggplot2 and sf packages are complex enough that we offer separate workshops for each topic.

Typically, this workshop is offered once a month. The best way to find out about future workshops is by subscribing to Rfun workshop annoucement list or browsing our broader listing of DVS workshops.

Workshop Materials

Learning resources and workshop materials are available and shareable so you can learn at your own pace.

Rfun is a DVS learning series

The 'R We Having Fun Yet?' learning series is part of the broader Data & Visualization Services workshop series. DVS offers workshops on [R], Python, GIS and mapping, Research Data Management, and Visualization.

Rfun Blog

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